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The vocation of this site is to remind us that Moliere is the author of Moliere’s works, that Moliere the author and Moliere the actor are one and the same person, that no one until the beginning of the 20th century (and certainly not his contemporaries) had ever expressed the slightest shadow of a doubt as to that fact, and that there is in effect NOTHING susceptible to introducing THE SLIGHTEST DOUBT.

This site is thus destined to any person whose certainty about Moliere and Corneille might have been shaken for having one day read or heard allegations suggesting there is any room for doubt. We therefore offer to visitors:

– all the elements founded on indisputable historical knowledge and testimony from contemporaries that attest to fact that Moliere wrote his own plays and that virtually everything set him apart from Corneille;

– an examination of the principal inventions of the so-called théorie Corneille, forged at the beginning of the 20th century by the poet Pierre Louÿs, and developed in the absence of all discernment since the beginning of the 21st century by his followers;

– philological and stylistic analyses necessary to understanding the differences between Corneille and Moliere and, on the other hand, the similarities between Corneille and other authors of his time;

– analyses based on computer-assisted studies underlining the biased character of these falsely scientific studies which make the pretence of proving that a certain number of Moliere’s plays could be attributed to Corneille.

N.B. Readers in search of a short answer are invited to consult the page: How anomalies in the lives and relations of Moliere and Corneille are invented